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xcf.txt の日本語訳 5. THE CHANNEL STRUCTURE

This post is a personal translation of Henning Makholm's xcf.txt to Japanese. : Index here



Channel structures are pointed to from layer structures (in case of
layer masks) or from the master image structure (for all other

channel structureは、layer structure内のpointer(layer maskの場合)または、master image structure内の(layer mask以外の場合)pointerによって位置が示されています。

  uint32  width  The width of the channel
  uint32  height The height of the channel
  string  name   The name of the channel
  property-list  Layer properties (see below)
  uint32  hptr   Pointer to the hierarchy structure containing the pixels  
The with and height of the channel must be the same as those of its
parent structure (the layer in the case of layer masks; the canvas for
all other channels).

channelの高さと幅は、親となるstructure(layer maskの場合はそのlayer・それ以外の場合はcanvas)と同じでなければなりません。

Channel properties
The following properties are found only in the property list of
channel structures. In addition to these, the list can also contain
PROP_PARASITES, and PROP_END, defined in section 8 below.

以下で解説するpropertyは、channel structureにしか登場しません。加えて、channel structureはPROP_OPACITY, PROP_VISIBLE, PROP_LINKED, PROP_TATTOO,PROP_PARASITES, PROP_ENDを含むことができます。それらについてはsection 8で述べます。

PROP_ACTIVE_CHANNEL (editing state)
  uint32  3    The type number for PROP_ACTIVE_CHANNEL is 3
  uint32  0    PROP_ACTIVE_CHANNEL has no payload
  Appears in the property list for the currently active channel.


PROP_SELECTION (editing state?)
  uint32  4    The type number for PROP_SELECTION is 4
  uint32  0    PROP_SELECTION has no payload
  Appears in the property list for the channel structure that
  represents the selection mask.


PROP_SHOW_MASKED (editing state)
  uint32  14  The type number for PROP_SHOW_MASKED is 14
  uint32  4   Four bytes of payload
  uint32  b   1 if the channel is shown as a mask, 0 if not
  Appears in the property list for channels.


  uint32  16  The type number for PROP_COLOR is 16
  uint32  3   Three bytes of payload
  byte    r   Red component of color
  byte    g   Green component of color
  byte    b   Blue component of color
  Appears in the property list for channels and gives the color of the
  screen that is used to represent the channel when it is visible in
  the UI. (The alpha of the screen is given as the channel's


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